The CHC Team's commitment to excellence is unmatched, and our Full Service approach to preparing homes for the market is exceptional. Our meticulous attention to detail, personalized service, and comprehensive strategies make us the #1 Marin Compass Team. From initial consultations and market analysis to staging, renovations, and targeted marketing, we ensure every property is showcased at its best, maximizing appeal and value. Our transformation services achieve outstanding results, providing a seamless and successful selling experience. Below, explore various transformation categories with stunning before and after photos. Select a category and click “filter” to view.


  • Property 4 Before ImageProperty 4 After Image

    This bathroom update shifts from a dark, rustic aesthetic to a brighter, contemporary style, featuring freshly painted white cabinetry, new gold fixtures, and rounded mirrors. 

  • Property 6 Before ImageProperty 6 After Image

    This bathroom makeover revitalizes the space using white paint and a specialized Miracle Method paint to refresh the floor's surface, breathing new life into it after years of wear.

  • Bathroom under constructionBath with pretty vanity

    This bathroom transformation showcases the stunning effects of thoughtful updates, with freshly painted cabinets and floor tiles treated with Miracle Method, and a sleek, modern mirror.


  • Property 4 Before ImageProperty 4 After Image

    This bedroom renovation effortlessly enhanced the space by painting over the dark wood to create a more open and airy feel, connecting the room with the outdoors. With full staging, it now embodies the essence of a luxurious primary bedroom.

  • Property 6 Before ImageProperty 6 After Image

    This bedroom makeover demonstrates the transformative effects of paint and staging. Once hindered by dark wood elements, the room now exudes tranquility with its clean lines, a bright neutral color scheme, and minimalist decor.

  • Dark bedroom with wood panelingWhite bedroom with hardwood floors

    This primary bedroom makeover showcases the remarkable effects of elegant updates. The dark wood trim has been brightened with crisp white paint, the hardwood floors refinished, and the room staged, infusing the space with a fresh, modern vibe.

Family Rooms

  • Room with wood paneling and large windowsCozy and bright family room

    Fresh paint, new carpeting, kitchen upgrades, and professional staging have transformed this Kent Woodlands family room into a warm, inviting space that blends comfort with modern convenience.

  • Property 4 Before ImageProperty 4 After Image

    This living area transformed from traditional to expansive. Neutral hues, modern lighting, luxurious fabrics, and sleek furniture create a sophisticated ambiance, merging indoor and outdoor elements.

  • Property 5 Before ImageProperty 5 After Image

    This family room makeover illustrates the transformative power of simple updates. Fresh white paint on the built-ins and sleek staging give the space a new, modern look.


  • Dark kitchen with wood panelingBright, contemporary kitchen

    Originally outdated, this Kent Woodlands kitchen underwent a significant transformation. Updates including painted cabinets, modern countertops, a stylish backsplash, new appliances, and refinished floors revitalized it into a captivating space.

  • Dark cabinets in galley kitchenBright modern kitchen

    This Kentfield kitchen, once outdated, received a comprehensive overhaul. With refinished floors, recessed lighting, new appliances, and countertops, it has been rejuvenated into a space that radiates contemporary style.

  • Yellow farmhouse style kitchenUpdated kitchen with modern appliances
    This Kent Woodlands kitchen's transformation integrated custom cabinets, high-quality countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances, establishing it as a modern, functional heart of the home and a major selling point.
  • Property 4 Before ImageProperty 4 After Image

    This kitchen renovation combines traditional warmth with modern sophistication. Updating cherry cabinetry and outdated lighting with contemporary fixtures and trendy paint colors amplifies the space's brightness. A neutral palette guides your eyes to the outdoors, making the most of the picture window framing beautiful Mt. Tam.

  • Property 5 Before ImageProperty 5 After Image

    This kitchen makeover shifts from a colorful, specific look to a sleek and sophisticated space with gray cabinetry and marble countertops. The redesign, which includes painting the cabinets and installing new countertops, enhances the light and space, offering a fresher appearance that appeals to today's discerning buyers.

  • Property 6 Before ImageProperty 6 After Image

    The kitchen has been updated from an outdated style to a sleek, modern design. Replacing dark wood cabinets and terracotta tiles with contemporary two-tone cabinetry, stone flooring, and white countertops revitalized the space. State-of-the-art appliances and designer fixtures further enhance the kitchen's aesthetic and functionality.

Living Rooms

  • Fireplace and wood panelingBright updated living room
    This Kent Woodlands living room was rejuvenated with refinished floors, fresh paint, and full staging, transforming it into an elegant, spacious centerpiece of the home.
  • Outdated living roomExpansive living room

    The kitchen's outdated style transformed into a modern design with two-tone cabinetry, stone flooring, white countertops, state-of-the-art appliances, and designer fixtures.

  • Property 4 Before ImageProperty 4 After Image

    This living room makeover embraces a bright, modern aesthetic by lightening wood accents, extending the mantle, refinishing floors, and staging with contemporary furniture for a welcoming feel.